Anal sex with a hot secretary


A woman does not dare to realize her sexual fantasy of having sex with her boss at work for a long time, for fear of harming her career. But he must soon leave for a long business trip and this spurs the blonde to action. She retires with the boss, and their communication begins with a chic blowjob. Hot babe gets down on her knees, opens her mouth, takes the prick with her lips and begins to suck it sweetly. Then she pushes the mature man on his back and tries on the hole on his penis in the pose of a rider. The blonde passionately jumps, jumps off and the boss takes the initiative. Fucks the secretary in anal, and then in the mouth from above to the very eggs. Then he bends the bitch in the doga pose, stands behind her and has a point, making measured and very deep penetrations. Turns on his back and continues anal. But now the head penetrates the straightened hole more smoothly, without causing the blonde anal pain. The boss is not going to change any more poses. He only accelerates for a speedy orgasm and drains fresh sperm into the secretary's mouth.

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