Anal with an Asian trainer


Working as a personal trainer for different clients, a young Asian woman decided to have fun with one of them after breaking up with her boyfriend. The girl was not going to train, but to seduce a mature man, on whom her choice fell. And already at the very beginning of the lesson, she managed to touch the man's penis with her fingers, kiss him on the lips and drag him into the bedroom to the big bed. The Asian woman did not stop her caresses for a minute. And, alone with the client, she knelt in front of him and took the head of a large penis by the cheek. I made a throat blowjob, climbed on top of the penis and began to do quick squats on the head. Turned in the reverse cowgirl position and allowed to properlyit second hole. Anal sex from the first penetration began to deliver more buzz, and the Asian woman literally squeaked with pleasure. Became cancer and the man planted a narrow-eyed trainer in the ass from behind. Then he leaned back and she had to spread her legs under her lover so that the penis penetrated the anal to the very eggs. The man without taking out finished and the girl showed her fucked point.

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