Assistant on the first working day is given to the boss in anal


Getting a job as an assistant to a demanding man, a young brown-haired woman carefully listens to advice on what and how to do around the house. But on the first day of work, a curious girl finds an anal plug in the master's bedroom, and he catches her with this toy in her hands. The girl understands that this is a piquant moment and when the boss starts pestering, she simply agrees to give herself up so as not to be left without a job with a good payment. She obediently kneels down in front of the man, opens her mouth wide and begins to suck greedily. Deep blowjob helps the faker to get excited and the girl immediately jumps on the penis on horseback, trying on the cap the size of his penis. At the same time, she does not forget about the traffic jam and guesses that the boss will want to put in a point. The penis from the vagina gets the assistant in the mouth, and then in the point in the pose of a rider. The girl rides on a thick head with her backside on top. Then the bitch becomes a crustacean and the head of the owner hammers anal from behind. Gives in the ass, lying on his back and a big cock cums on his face.

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