Farewell sex with an ex-girlfriend


After the blonde cheated on her boyfriend with an ex-lover, she is afraid that the guy will find out everything. Since her ex has an intimate video with her. And so that he doesn't use it, she goes to talk to him. And when it turns out to be with him, the dude decides to once again plant a bad girl goodbye. He puts her on her feet and slaps her hand on the rolls for bad behavior. And when he strips naked, the busty bitch gets on her knees and begins to process the prick. She sucks and jerks off a member between her tits. Licks a powerful male trunk along the entire length and again changes with the former in the pose of a rider. Then the busty girl gets into the doggie pose and enjoys a big cock in the pussy from behind. He turns on his back and throws his legs over his lover's shoulders, again and again enjoying the farewell sex. Next, the guy pulls the former against the wall, lifting the girl's thigh up with his hand. He speeds up to cum harder and squirts cum on his face.

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