First date with a black man


A white woman has a nice time on a first date with a black man and wants to get much more out of their meeting than just communication. Once in the room of the Negro, the brunette drinks a little and finally loses her head from her sexual desires, which the Negro has to fulfill. The woman herself climbs to kiss and gently hugs the Negro with her hands. She lets him kiss her pussy between her legs, then sits down and unzips her fly. He licks his lips like a cat, and begins to smoothly roll the head of his penis to the Negro. Directs the prick in his mouth and begins to suck. Then the couple moves to the bed, where the brunette continues the foreplay, making the Negro suck the penis. Beautifully throws a thigh over the head, turns out to be on top of the penis and the Negro begins to hammer the hole of a new friend from below. After the race, a friend has to stand in the doggie style pose. And the new lover takes his hands around the waist, sits down and the wet slit takes in the giant up to the very eggs. Next, a friend fucks with a black man in the pose of a rider and specifically does not climb down so that the member ends up in the pussy and fills it with sperm.

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