Guy fucked stepsister on Valentine's Day


All the friends went out on dates for Valentine's Day except one. And the student was very upset that on such a day she was left alone. The brunette returned home gloomier than a cloud, and the stepfather and his son noticed it. The man asked his son to take flowers and go to congratulate his sister on such a holiday. At first, the girl was delighted when she found flowers on the doorstep of the house, but again she was upset, not understanding who they were from. Then the guy brought a drink and put all the dots, saying that they are not relatives and today he can be her boyfriend. The delighted brunette did not refuse. The girl knelt down and greedily sucked the head of her stepbrother's big cock with her lips, begging him for just such a gift. After sucking, the bitch lay down in front of her brother on the left side and the guy planted his sister in the vagina, lying behind her. Carefully took out, asked his sister to become a cancer and he knelt behind her back to plunge his long cock deeper into the bosom of his sister. Immediately got to the uterus and fucked my sister on the creaking bed. Put in the pose of a rider and began to lick the girl's tits. He laid her on her back and finished in her mouth and on her face.

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