Massage smoothly turned into anal sex with a masseur


The beauty came for a massage in a new massage parlor and did not even dream that today she would have her first anal sex with a masseur. Shyly undressed naked behind the screen, lay down on the massage table and the guy began to lubricate the body of the beauty with oil. First, he oiled his shoulders, then sank down on his thighs and turned the skinny girl on her back. Touching the young breasts with slippery hands, the masseur immediately noticed how the claret from his touch rushes to the nipples and they are excited. I decided to check it on the clitoris, pulled off the towel and smoothly moved on to massage the cap. From the moans, I realized that I could continue, and pressed my lips to the client's clitoris. Licked and jerked off both holes with his fingers inside. I climbed on the massage table and began to do an internal massage of the vagina in the side position. Abruptly pulled out a member and changing the hole, began anal massage of the anus, inserting the penis into it to the very eggs. Turned the girl on her back and fucked her hole on top. Again he changed his position and roughly pierced the ass lying on the girl's stomach. He took the end out of the thin girl's ass, walked around the table and began to masturbate in front of the girl's open mouth to make a cumshot in her mouth for the bitch.

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