Passionate sex with my wife after a business trip


The writer greatly misses her husband, who went on a business trip. Each room reminds a woman of a loved one, and she often begins to fantasize about it and remember how she used to have sex. With a loose relationship, she could easily find a cock for her hole on the side, but the brunette is waiting for her husband at home. And when he returns, the big-boobed beauty gives him a hot reception and personally proves in bed how much she missed him. He meets me in my underwear, hangs himself around my neck and kisses me. And the beloved gets on his knees and pulls the cap of the busty wife with his tongue. Grabs her tits with both hands and greedily licks each protruding nipple. Gives a big cock to suck and immediately begins to fuck. The brunette takes a big cock in the hole in a side pose. Gets into a pose with cancer and the husband at full speed pumps the pussy from behind. Sits on the head in the pose of a rider. And this is the last pose of their passionate sex. After that, the brunette, having sucked all the sperm, lies down next to her and gently hugs.

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