Personal assistant fucks with her boss


A girl after college gets a job with a successful businessman as a personal assistant. She is diligent and always there for you. But while running errands, the girl unwittingly falls in love with her boss and really wants to have sex with him. And when a blonde finds him sad after a dispute with a lawyer, she perceives this situation with a positive, and as a chance to make her dream of having sex with her boss a reality. He begins to kiss and the bald man finds that he is very pleased with the caresses of his subordinate. He not only does not prevent the girl from caressing her big cock with her lips, but also waits for the blonde to continue. Helps the beauty in nude nylon stockings to climb on top of the penis, and hammers her pussy from below. Unfolds on the penis and pulls in the pose of a reverse rider. And then he throws it off, puts it on himself with cancer and fucks the hole hard from behind. He listens to a friend moaning, and under her moans begins to move the prick faster. Hammers the beauty on the side and thinks where to finish. But a completely satisfied girl helps to make a choice and takes sperm in her mouth.

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