Professor fucks two students with a big dick


The girl becomes a member of the sorority at the university. But in order to gain a foothold there and gain respect, she needs to seduce the professor. Her new friend, whom she met in the community, wants to make a campaign, and the students go to the teacher together. Once at his house, the blonde is the first to start the debauchery. She unzips the man's fly, takes out a member and begins to suck it. A friend of this time undresses, and a minute later joins the blowjob of a big cock. Two girls together take the cheek and pamper the professor with oral caresses. And when the man lies on his back, the blonde student climbs on the head in the pose of a rider, does squats, and gives way to a friend's penis. They did not expect that the professor not only carries a big cock between his legs, but also knows how to use it properly. And the students want to fuck without stopping. They switch places several times, jumping on a member on horseback. They become a crustacean next to each other and a man fucks bitches from behind. He takes it out and cums in his mouth, and his friends gently kiss with cum on their lips.

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