Sex with a distant relative


A girl meets a guy by chance in a store, who has come to this town to look for his relatives. She invites him to her place to chat and learn more about his relatives. In the course of the conversation, the chick admits that everyone in their family has a special spot on their ass and the chick is ready to show it off with pleasure. The guy looks at the spot, and at the same time admires her juicy pussy, taking piquant pictures at the same time. Turning around, the girl saw that the male had already pulled out his cock. The chick could not restrain her lust at the sight of a hard-on and took it into her mouth to pamper the guy with a blowjob. The hot chick sat down with her pussy on his dick afterwards. The guy fucked the bitch on the table and poured cum all over her pussy, and she immediately started dipping her waffles in the cum and eating it. And when she saw the same stain on the guy, the chick realized that she had sex with a distant relative.

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