Stepdaughter fucks with a robber


While the stepdaughter trains, the stepfather climbs into her room and reads in the diary of a young girl's fantasies. He learns that the brunette was very turned on when she watched a movie about robbers and the robber had sex with the mistress. The man matures an interesting plan in his head. He wants to rob his own house to spread his stepdaughter's legs and fuck. When a girl sees a man in a mask and black clothes coming into the house, the davalka does not call the police, but rushes to her bedroom, puts on her sexiest underwear and waits. He pushes the robber against the wall, pulls his cock out of his pants and begins to suck. Obediently becomes cancer and not knowing that this is the stepfather, gives himself to fuck in the vagina with his fingers and lick his cap. He spreads his legs on the bed, and the robber puts the girl in the hole from above. Fucks stepdaughter from the side and fingers the clitoris on the hairy pussy. Puts cancer and deep dryuchit in the hole from behind. He lies on his back and the girl jumps on the stepfather's penis from above. Feels that the man is ready to orgasm. He leans back and after a cumshot on his face, sucks his cock, and the man calmly leaves.

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