Stepmother and stepson came for a consultation


The stepson and stepmother came to the family therapist for consultation at once. They had an interesting problem. It turns out that the guy spied on his stepmother when she caressed herself, and was excited. But the problem was much deeper. The dude began to have feelings for his father's wife and it was not normal. The psychotherapist quickly found a way to try to switch the guy's attention to other girls and for this she began to undress herself. And her stepmother stood beside her and gently touched her body with her hands. Laid on a chair, called her stepson and together with him began to excite the girl's hole, massaging it inside. But at the same time, the mature woman was excited herself. She lay down on her back, spread the slingshot in different directions and the guy had to lick her cap. Then the psychotherapist gave a blowjob, sucking a big cock and the stepson first planted it between her legs. He switched to the stepmom's hole and fucked the pussy with an intimate haircut on top. He gave the young bitch to jump on top of him, put the stepmother cancer over the girl consultant and began to hammer a member in one slot, then in the second until he finished on the ass.

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