Student seduced photographer


The mother wants to make a graduation album with photos for her daughter and specially calls a professional photographer friend to the house, and leaves the girl alone with him. A graduate student begins to pose in a robe, but then the girl begins to undress smoothly and pose, wanting to make more explicit photos. Specially lifts the hem and casually shows a hairy pussy, spreading her knees to the sides. The man immediately understands that he is dealing with a very frank girl who seduced the photographer. And when the blonde reaches out and touches the photographer's fly, he can't resist and lets her unzip it. The girl grabs the photographer's cock and sucks it off. Pushes the photographer on his back, climbs on top of him and fucks in the pose of a rider, almost getting burned by a curious mother. Turns on the penis in reverse and fucks in the reverse rider position. Then the girl lies down under the photographer and spreads her knees to the sides. Undresses naked and gives a crustacean in the pussy. He sits down on top again and asks me to fuck without stopping. He jumps to the floor and as soon as the photographer cums on his face, the mother comes in and realizes what happened.

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