The bald man caught the babysitter and her friend in the pool


A young girl works part-time as a nanny and looks after the boys of a rich man. One day, the girl stays at home alone and, in order not to be bored, invites her best friend to make up her campaign and spend the day together. The friends decide to have a little drink. They open a bottle of wine, get slightly drunk and start to playfully behave in the pool. They drink wine, undress and kiss. At this time, the owner returns home and catches them. He sees naked young girls in his pool and realizes that instead of a scandal, he wants to fuck them. Caught bitches catch his desire, and without invitation begin to suck a big cock. They lick the eggs, take the man into the house and caress him from both sides, making rimming and blowjob. They give the bald man a lick on the couch and he starts to have sex, starting to pull the bitches in turn, inserting the penis into one cap from above, then into the second. The girls again do a double blowjob, and one of the brown-haired women moves to a big cock in the pose of a rider. The next girl wants to have sex in a pose with cancer. After that, the man ends up with one of them in his mouth.

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