The stepmother found a condom in the stepson's room and helped with sex


The stepmother, putting things in order in the bedroom of her stepson, accidentally found a used condom on the floor and decided to talk about this topic. And the guy was only too happy to share his experience with his mother, complaining that their sex was clumsy because of his big cock. But the stepmother immediately calmed down and promised to help. And, when the young couple was once again going to have sex, a mature woman confidently entered the room and began to control the whole process. I asked a young blonde with small tits to strip naked, and then take it in her mouth and show how she can suck. Then she sat down next to me and showed me how to do it properly. Then it was the stepson's turn to study and he had to work with his tongue, licking the caps of his blonde and stepmother, who put the girl on herself and they spread their legs together. But the guy was on edge. He quickly rolled back the prick and began to fuck, inserting it into the girlfriend's pussy, then planting it in the stepmother. I fucked both in the pose of cancer and in the pose of riders and when the girlfriend was riding on the penis, I discharged all the sperm into her.

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