Young stepdaughter fucks with ex-stepdad


A young girl is worried that her mother and stepfather have decided to break up. All they have to do is sign the papers to disperse. But the girl wants to talk to her stepfather and try to reconcile him with his mother. He asks his mother to leave them alone, and uses the most weighty arguments. The man takes out a big cock from his fly and says that it's about him. The stepdaughter is surprised to touch the big cock of the former stepfather and begins to turn over. And when the penis begins to rise, the girl brings it to full arousal with her lips and receives pleasant praise. A man tells a naughty stepdaughter that she does a blowjob much better than her mother. But then the stepfather wants to check the girl's cap in bed. He pushes the brunette on her back, presses his lips to the girl's clitoris and begins to gently lick. He sits down on the sofa, puts the bitch on a member on horseback and she quickly fucks with her stepfather in the pose of a rider. Throws the girl off the penis, puts it on her stomach, sits on the elastic ass and hammers into the vagina from behind. He lifts her to her feet, presses her to the table and the bitch fucks with her former stepfather with cancer. The sperm is on the way. The stepfather puts the stepdaughter on her knees and begins to pour sperm on top. But the puzzled mother comes in and starts a row.

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