Blonde cheated on a guy with an ex


Building a new relationship with a new guy, the young blonde never forgot about her exes, and when she met one of them on vacation, she immediately wanted to change with him. She wasn't even interested in cheating, but in the thrill that a relationship on the side could bring. Therefore, when the guy was sleeping, the girl quickly wrote to her former lover and secretly visited his room. They didn't have much time, since the guy could wake up at any moment. One kiss on the doorstep, and a moment later the blonde was lying on her back, and Faker was showering kisses on her body. He pulled off his underpants, spread his legs and made the former cunnilingus. And then she pulled off the guy's pants and gave him a deep blowjob. Asked to lie down, licked her tongue prick and boldly lowered her hole on it, starting to move in the pose of a rider. Got off and gave a member of the throat blowjob. Became cancer and the guy began to plant the nipple in the vagina on the very eggs. He turned her on her back and leaned on top of her. And while fucked, the former touched her clitoris with her fingers, and finished. She returned to the pose of a rider, and the dude made her a vaginal creampie.

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