Guy fucks stepsister and her friend


The girls were chatting sweetly on the bed when Justin came into the room. The guy needed help, as he was sunbathing naked in the sun and his penis was burned. Stepsister undertakes to help him and squeezing the cream on the palm of his hand, smears it on the trunk. But this only makes it worse and in a panic, Justin calls for his mother. The mother scolded the girl and went on business, and the guy insisted that the chicks fix the situation, because his boner was all on fire. The girls all blew on him and even poured water on him. Since nothing helped, the friend offered to shove a cock into his sister's wet pussy. As soon as the hot member was in the cap, the girl began to moan. The guy fucks his stepsister and her friend in turn, and the girls pamper each other with lesbian caresses. At the end, the half-sister's cap was full of thick liquid.

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